Feet That Expand When Hot
Feet That Expand When Hot

Feet That Expand When Hot

When you are looking to buy wide fitting trainers for yourself or your children it is important to find a retailer who understands how feet develop and grow and who provides informed advice on how to find shoes most suited to wide feet or young and developing feet. You will of course also want to choose a retailer that provides good deals as well as offering great advice and service. This article gives essential facts about selecting shoes and trainers and highlights some of the dangers of selecting poorly fitting trainers and shoes. So be warned funky fit gym leggings !

Your feet take the strain
When your body is active and you push your physical limits of endurance do you ever consider what your feet are going through? When people do physical exercise they typically comment that their legs or arms ache – rarely do they mention that their feet are aching. However, whilst you are active, your feet also take considerable impact and strain so it is vital that the correct type of trainers are worn. This is particularly imperative if you have a wider foot.

Feet That Expand When Hot
The foot expands and grows during physical activity. For busy adults this is normally only the case during periods of intense physical activity – for example, during your hour session at the gym or tennis club. However, children are generally far more active throughout the day and often wear their trainers for long periods. Therefore, expansion of the foot can be a more important factor as it can affect the development of a child’s foot development as they are continually active! So, it is even more important to ensure your child is wearing correctly fitted trainers. If your child has a particularly wide foot then the same holds true even before they do any strenuous activity.

Squeezed Into “Fashion” Trainers
It is commonplace to see small children wearing fashion trainers around town or in nurseries. These have often been bought ‘off the shelf’ at the local football club or sports shop by a parent eager for their child to look sporty and to be ‘part of the crowd’. However, all too often, these trainers are not the correct size and the fit chosen is too narrow for small, soft, chubby feet.

Foot Development
The foot of baby is made up solely of soft cartilage. This cartilage continues to develop and harden into bone throughout their early years. However, not until they are an adult of around 17 or 18 years will the bones have completely ‘fused’ and hardened.

Statistical data shows that as children are becoming bigger and fatter with obesity rates rising, so children’s feet are becoming wider and deeper. Unfortunately, the regular sports brands do not seem to have identified this yet – their footwear still being very sleek and narrow in appearance and fit. Trying to squeeze a wide fitting foot into these sports brands not only leads to bruising and blisters in the short term but major foot and back problems in later life – all this just so they have a Nike ‘tick’ on their trainers as a child!

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