Settling In

Settling In

For many small children this will be the first real experience away from their families outside the familiar setting of home. In order to make this an enjoyable experience for them, we endeavour to build trusting relationships with both children and parents, before they are left in our care.

A nursery is an overwhelming place for a young child; routines are unfamiliar, the playroom is large and equipment bewildering. By staying with your child to settle them in, you will build up their confidence until they feel happy to be left.

We all know children are individuals and as such will take different amounts of time to settle in. Some children will be happy to be left within days, other may take several weeks.

Please don’t rush them, they sense your hurry and it makes them anxious.

We ask all parents to be prepared to allow at least one week for them to settle in. During this time parent and key worker will be discussing how the child is feeling. They will begin by coming in for a very short stay, gradually increasing when the time is right.

This is a very important time in a small child’s life and happy experiences of separation pave the way for the future, when they go to school.

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